Monday, July 25, 2011


Have u read it???? Yay!! I'm super duper excited! Finally I'll enter a university! *jumping up & down like crazy* \(^_^)/
The moment I read my phone message (I checked via 15888 coz that time I was at school), I was like "kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!", luckily no one around. Wait! Omo!! There were some students & a teacher sitting next to me! (-.-")
Who was the first person I told bout this? Definitely my mom..then my dad (not being bias but I was going to call my mom right before I got the, you know.). After that..people who mean a lot to me. Well, I hadn't told anything to my besties coz I wanted to surprise them but hey!! they could smell it!! What kind of nose they have? XD That's why I love them.. <3
Ok..that's all for now. Till then, take care!

p/s : I think I wanna post something bout my fangirling..hehehehe.