Sunday, May 22, 2011

my sad stories

Hi..annyeong!! Its me again...(Eh..who else anyway?? Its my blog!~lol) By the way, I broke my promise AGAIN, right? sorry, sorry, sorry... *bows* Its not that I didn't have time..but I didn't have any interesting story to share. Well, now I have..but, just my sad inner thought..huhuhu.

My favorite band (FT Island) is gonna release their new album, RETURN. Kyaaa! Happy for them but it makes me upset. (=.=") WHY??? BECAUSE I'M CRAVING FOR IT SO FREAKING BADLY! I wanna buy it but how?? No money no!! But its ok, I'll buy it & of coz the other albums too, once I get my money..kekekeke.

I told you about my Medsi test right? Unfortunately, I didn't pass. (I hate to admit that I'm fell..thats why I use "didn't pass"..ok, I'm pathetic! I know!) Maybe this is my destiny. I'm not into it from the very beginning but I took it coz I didn't want to let my parents down. Its their hope. Mom, dad, I'm so I do let you down. Mianhae...jongmal mianhae.. TT___TT

Ok, talk about my phone...seems like I wont get iphone. I'm ok with it coz I think I'm a careless person, so giving me that is just like wasting my parents money on me. XD (but I would be awesome if I have it, right?!!)

Hmm..I think I should stop here. I wanna continue watching FTI on YouTube (I don't have their album!! huhuhuhuhu)..see ya soon ne!

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  1. its ok eonnie!!
    be strong!!
    i love u <3

  2. follow me back,as...(LOL)

  3. wani : thanks dear!!! love u too!!!! ^^

    laila : ok bah..I will..wait!