Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What in my mind....


How are u guys these days? Me?? I'm fine (alhamdulillah). Its been awhile AGAIN since my last entry. I was busy with my life..with FT Island to be exact! *lol*
Lot of things happened to me when I was not around (blogging)..good & bad. Don't ask me which one effects me more coz I cant decide. But yeah, I laughed hard & cried less as I'm a growing girl now. I know that tears wont help us to get outta trouble.. (ah..I sound matured right?!!)
I have a lot of stories & experiences to write about but seems like I cant finish them all now, so I'll try to write it on weekend. Now, I just give a short description bout what in ma mind..kekeke!

if only I have a job, I wanna buy it NOW! why?? coz my phone sucks!! I'll explain later..huhuhu.

I wanna have these official goods!! Enough money but......I wanna buy their album too. >.<"

I missed their singles before so this album automatically listed on my MUST HAVE list...aishh!

UNIVERSITY!!!! I wish I can enter U ASAP! No to show off but I don't like stay at home doing nothing. I feel like getting dumb as my brain didn't work so much for few months.. (_ _")

Aishh..I want to continue but my eyes are tired for "working" too long in front of the screen..huhuhu. So I'll continue it a lil bit later. Till next time!! Daa! (^_^)/

p/s : maybe u guys find its weird coz I'm blogging in English. I make friends with ppl from all over the world. I wanna share my stories, my thoughts & my opinions with them. So I promise myself & to them to write in English (despite of my poor vocab & bad grammars..hehehe).

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